Saturday, November 13, 2010

What in tar-nation???

After my 5.6 mile jog yesterday I went inside to finish my cool down stretch. I had left my garage open and of course my chickens love to hang out in there looking for stink bugs and other creepy crawly treats. Suddenly I heard Dirty Girl (she is my little chihuahua) started sqwauking (sp?) away in her normal alarm mode. When I opened the door I noticed her and another one of my (un-named) girls hiding under my van. Then I proceeded to look out the side window and noticed that all of my girls and boys are hiding under our little silver spruce. I had to giggle because it looked like 50 clowns fitting under a teeny umbrella! When I walked over to the end of the garage I suddenly noticed a Cooper Hawk (little hawk, really it's name, not my son) sitting on the ground and when it saw me it took off into the trees. Now Cooper Hawks are not big, but they are bold and quite a nuisance. I knew at that point it was time to go outside and do a head count. On my way out I noticed a huge pile of feathers by our 'for sale' chicken coops. I ran over to investigate and see a large collection of about 4 different birds feathers. Eyes wide I ran over to my clowns under the tree. I began to count and kept coming up with the right number. Scratching my head I counted again and again. And every time I came up with the right number of birds. Then I started to inspect the birds to see who is missing feathers.....nothing!!! I literally stood there for about 20 minutes trying to put the 'pieces' together. Well, around that time Payton's bus pulls up to drop her off from school. I greet her at the bus and sadly told her what had happened and for the life of me can't figure out what was going on. On the walk back to the house I showed her the pile of feathers. Her response to me..."mommy, don't you remember when you cleaned the garage yesterday you told me to empty all the feathers I collected out of my 4 wheeler?" "Those are my feathers mommy!" "you told me to do it!"

Well, I guess she told me!

The moral to this story...Pay attention to the things you tell your kids to do!