Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spring Teaser

Finally some nice weather made it's way to NJ. Thursday and Friday (Feb. 17 & 18) were beautiful! It was in the 50's on Thurs. and 60's on Friday. Can't get any better than that. Now, as much as I LOVE winter and oodles and oodles of snow, I start getting a little bit of the winter blues around this time. But, the warm sun and peaking green grass made those little winter blues disappear. At least for two days...came Saturday and it plummeted back into the teens. What a teaser!!
I bet my flock was thinking the same damn thing. If their tiny pea brains actually think about those things. Well, if they didn't I'm sure they do now. Thursday was their first day out of the run in about 2 1/2 months. They don't like the snow much. But they had no choice this year...if they wanted to have some (freezing) sun on their faces they had to become tolerable of the frigid weather. And for the most part they did.

March is up next and we all know how that month can be...In like a lion out like a lamb?? Isn't that the saying? I bite my tongue when I say that the month of March can still bring on monstrous snow storms. Let all pray for warm weather!