Monday, January 10, 2011

Worth their weight

It's been about a month since I've installed the christmas lights into the coop. I'm hear to say that it does work. We are now up to 10-14 eggs a day. Double edged sword in a way because now we may end up with a surplus of eggs. Ya, ya, I'm never happy. But actually I am. With our 'regulars' buying their normal quantity of eggs on a weekly basis we will definitely be able to keep the chickens fed and happy. (and off the chopping block) just kidding!

Also in the past month I come to notice some new colored and sized eggs. Which means that our babies that were hatched in July are finally laying. Someone is laying the cutest oliveish colored (new word meaning not quite olive, but not quite green or brown) eggs. They are so perfectly shaped they almost look fake. And someone else is laying the largest eggs we have had yet. Light brown in color and are pretty much the size of my palm. HUGE!! Ouch that's gotta hurt. Just imagine having to give birth everyday...a....hell NO!!

On that note...I thank my girls everyday and give them much love and treats.