Saturday, August 21, 2010

I Feel So Proud

I am so happy today. I went out at my usual 5 pm to round up my chickens to bring them into their fenced area. Usually around this time they know I come baring treats. Today was bowls of yogurt with smashed blueberries and raspberries. One of their favorites! As soon as I stepped foot outside the garage door, they all came a runnin! It really is too cute how they all come full steam ahead, wings spread, waddling from side to side as fast as they can towards me. Well, low and behold...I see Tic Tac full steaming ahead with everyone else towards me. No limp present! All I could do is smile. I felt an incredible sense of accomplishment! Her feet look swelling left and healing very nicely. I seem to hold a special place in her heart too. Every time she sees me, she comes to my feet and looks up at me and begins to talk to me. She loves when I pick her up and give her special hugs.

I never thought that chickens would be so dear to me, but they really are great animals. We care for them so much, that when someone came to the door wanting to buy some I felt offended and violated. This man was eyeing up my chickens as they were walking all around him. All I wanted to do is bring them all into the house until the man left! LOL!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Store Eggs

So apparently yesterday they had the largest recall, I think they said in history. I hope they got the recall information out fast, but I know it wasn't fast enough for many people to not get sick. I'm not writing this as a "I told you so", but it certainly is an eye opener for consumers to give a thought to having their own food source. Especially with something simple as eggs. Sure it depends on where you live and if your town allows for chickens, but chickens are really the easiest pet to have. They require such little maintenance (my previous posts are not the norm :D)and the results you get everyday with fresh and healthy eggs is so rewarding. So long as you feed them right and keep them happy and clean, there is virtually NO fear of salmonellae, e coli or any of the sort.

I'm saddened when I hear of things like this. It puts fear in all of us when our forks meet our mouths.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

She's Back With Her Family

This morning I thought it was time to put Tic Tac back with her family. She was so excited I could barely hold onto her. Everyone came to greet her at the door when I let her in through the fence gate. And Mr Roo, oh he couldn't wait. It took him a whole 20 seconds to keep himself contained. Poor girl...not back 20 seconds and she has her beak buried in the dirt with Mr Roo on top of her. I guess he really missed her. LOL!

Looking Good

Well, Tic Tac is looking good. She has been confined to our brooder since I got back from VT. I re-did her surgery when I got back, but only on her one bad foot. I packed it with Neosporin and lightly wrapped it with vetwrap. I took the advice of a 'forum friend' that says once it's wrapped I should leave it alone for about a week. So I did. I finally unwrapped her foot a couple of days ago, and it looked amazing. Her foot is still a little swollen, but the surgery site was clean and healing. I decided that I would leave the bandages off and let it air out now.

We're on day 3 of no bandages and it looks like it's coming along nicely. She still favors the foot, but I think we are past the bad stuff and she will make a full recovery (fingers crossed). She's been getting a steady dose of Duramycin (antibiotic) in her water daily. A few more days and I think she'll be off that and she'll be able to go back to her home and rejoin her family.

Never a dull moment at the Crack N' Egg farm!

Until next time...

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Taking A Turn

So I went away on Thursday to visit my family in VT till Sunday and it looks like Tic Tac has taken a turn for the worse. When I came home on Sunday and let all my chickens out for some fresh grass and bugs, Tic Tac was limping pretty bad.

I was unable to soak her feet and change the dressings for over 3 days and it took it's toll. I removed the bandages and one foot is really swollen and looking infected. The other foot doesn't look so bad. I prepared the cage brooder that we have for baby chicks and put fresh soft bedding and food and water for her. I soaked her feet good and kept the bandages off and then placed her in isolation for now. It will keep her from having to struggle with the other chickens and walking around in the dirt and poo. Other then her feet, she is eating well, drinking and pooping normal. Her comb and wattles are still nice and red although her comb is a little floppy. But that could be due to the excessive heat we are having.

Right now, my dilemma is this. I went to Tractor Supply and picked up Penicillin G for injection. I'm hoping it will help fight the infection. So now for my dilemma....In the wonderful state of NJ it is illegal to sell syringes to the public. NJ passed a law that farm supply, drug store & etc, can no longer sell syringes. Thank you drug drug addicts aren't going to find other ways to get their needles!!! So now if you are a farmer and need to administer medication to your animals you're (pardon) fucked!!

So now I have a phone call to a vet up the road in the hopes that he can sell me some syringes. If not, I will have to travel all the way to the border to purchase the contraband. God I love NJ!!!! The state only gets better...but this is my blog for my chickens, not politics! LOL!

So I'll keep ya posted!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Tic Tac Update

So, I think Tic Tac is going to make it. I still have my fingers crossed though. It was my first and I'm sure not my last surgery on my chickens. I've been changing and redressing her feet everyday as well as soaking them in epsom salt and warm water.

I'm a little nervous though, I am leaving for a couple of days and won't be able to change her wraps. All my peeps from the BYC tell me she should be healed and fine by then. Let's hope.