Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Taking A Turn

So I went away on Thursday to visit my family in VT till Sunday and it looks like Tic Tac has taken a turn for the worse. When I came home on Sunday and let all my chickens out for some fresh grass and bugs, Tic Tac was limping pretty bad.

I was unable to soak her feet and change the dressings for over 3 days and it took it's toll. I removed the bandages and one foot is really swollen and looking infected. The other foot doesn't look so bad. I prepared the cage brooder that we have for baby chicks and put fresh soft bedding and food and water for her. I soaked her feet good and kept the bandages off and then placed her in isolation for now. It will keep her from having to struggle with the other chickens and walking around in the dirt and poo. Other then her feet, she is eating well, drinking and pooping normal. Her comb and wattles are still nice and red although her comb is a little floppy. But that could be due to the excessive heat we are having.

Right now, my dilemma is this. I went to Tractor Supply and picked up Penicillin G for injection. I'm hoping it will help fight the infection. So now for my dilemma....In the wonderful state of NJ it is illegal to sell syringes to the public. NJ passed a law that farm supply, drug store & etc, can no longer sell syringes. Thank you drug addicts...like drug addicts aren't going to find other ways to get their needles!!! So now if you are a farmer and need to administer medication to your animals you're (pardon) fucked!!

So now I have a phone call to a vet up the road in the hopes that he can sell me some syringes. If not, I will have to travel all the way to the border to purchase the contraband. God I love NJ!!!! The state only gets better...but this is my blog for my chickens, not politics! LOL!

So I'll keep ya posted!


  1. I live in New Egypt, NJ and a few of my Ameruacana hens got bumblefoot. So I took them home and we started washing and treating there feet. We also gave them shots of Pennicillen we got from Tractor Supply and we got our syringes and needles from Agway here in New Egypt. So for any future problems look to Agway.