Saturday, August 21, 2010

I Feel So Proud

I am so happy today. I went out at my usual 5 pm to round up my chickens to bring them into their fenced area. Usually around this time they know I come baring treats. Today was bowls of yogurt with smashed blueberries and raspberries. One of their favorites! As soon as I stepped foot outside the garage door, they all came a runnin! It really is too cute how they all come full steam ahead, wings spread, waddling from side to side as fast as they can towards me. Well, low and behold...I see Tic Tac full steaming ahead with everyone else towards me. No limp present! All I could do is smile. I felt an incredible sense of accomplishment! Her feet look swelling left and healing very nicely. I seem to hold a special place in her heart too. Every time she sees me, she comes to my feet and looks up at me and begins to talk to me. She loves when I pick her up and give her special hugs.

I never thought that chickens would be so dear to me, but they really are great animals. We care for them so much, that when someone came to the door wanting to buy some I felt offended and violated. This man was eyeing up my chickens as they were walking all around him. All I wanted to do is bring them all into the house until the man left! LOL!

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