Thursday, August 19, 2010

Store Eggs

So apparently yesterday they had the largest recall, I think they said in history. I hope they got the recall information out fast, but I know it wasn't fast enough for many people to not get sick. I'm not writing this as a "I told you so", but it certainly is an eye opener for consumers to give a thought to having their own food source. Especially with something simple as eggs. Sure it depends on where you live and if your town allows for chickens, but chickens are really the easiest pet to have. They require such little maintenance (my previous posts are not the norm :D)and the results you get everyday with fresh and healthy eggs is so rewarding. So long as you feed them right and keep them happy and clean, there is virtually NO fear of salmonellae, e coli or any of the sort.

I'm saddened when I hear of things like this. It puts fear in all of us when our forks meet our mouths.

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