Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sienna Hobble

That's going to be her new name. Our poor Sienna is still hobbling along. She is much, much better then when the injury first happened, but still limping. She's living in separate quarters in the chicken coop with everyone else. This way my car can return back to it's home in our garage and Sienna has social company but can still rest peacefully. (ironic...my car/van is a Toyota Sienna) (i just noticed that...Sienna...Sienna) LOL

Too add insult to injury, the girl looks like she's been plucked and then tarred and feathered. She looks so pathetic (so do a few others) during her molt. She does finally have some nice new shiny feathers coming through though.

Another poor pathetic soul is Wall-E our Easter Egger. She has the worst of it. She literally looks like she has been going through chemo-therapy. I do have to take some pics and post them so you all know what I'm talking about.

But all in all everyone seems to be doing well. The weather has cooled considerably, with the exception of the past couple of days where I feel like it's June.

Halloween is right around the corner, so we'll have to treat the chickens to a pumpkin or two :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

And the Molt Continues

UGH!!!! There are sooo many feathers everywhere! Sienna is still in the garage...doing much better might I add, but still limping some. I'm hoping with continued R & R she will make a full recovery. Since she has been away from Mr. Roo her bare back is starting to feather out. Unfortunately though, every other feather on her body is falling out! Looking at my garage right now you would think I have a down factory.

Egg production is still hurting a bit. Can't tell who is laying and who is not, but hopefully it will be all over soon. Mr. Roo looks awful...poor guy. He looks like he has been through the ringer. But his attitude sure hasn't changed with it. He is still as ....ahem....rambunctious as normal. He has finally accepted the remainder of the 'teenager's' by showing them how things are done. Poor girls!!!

Teens Moved Out

On Wednesday this week we packed up the family and went on to deliver a Q34 chicken coop to a wonderful family in Clark, NJ. Along with the coop they also took 3 of our teenager chickens. Well, technically they were not teenagers anymore because they already started laying eggs. Payton was very sad to see them go, but she also saw that they are in a very nice home with lots of property to play on.

I love setting up families with their own backyard chickens. Especially when this family has a huge family breakfast on Sundays and go through about 20 eggs. Now they'll be having their own eggs ;)