Friday, October 8, 2010

And the Molt Continues

UGH!!!! There are sooo many feathers everywhere! Sienna is still in the garage...doing much better might I add, but still limping some. I'm hoping with continued R & R she will make a full recovery. Since she has been away from Mr. Roo her bare back is starting to feather out. Unfortunately though, every other feather on her body is falling out! Looking at my garage right now you would think I have a down factory.

Egg production is still hurting a bit. Can't tell who is laying and who is not, but hopefully it will be all over soon. Mr. Roo looks awful...poor guy. He looks like he has been through the ringer. But his attitude sure hasn't changed with it. He is still as ....ahem....rambunctious as normal. He has finally accepted the remainder of the 'teenager's' by showing them how things are done. Poor girls!!!

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