Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Think I Found Rosalie

Don't get confused about the title. I may have found her, but certainly not whole. First grass cut of the season in our back field I came across a pretty decent sized pile of feathers that looked like they belonged to Rosalie. Then 3rd cut (which was just the other day) I found (what are definitely her feathers) between my property line and our back neighbors. With a little investigative work I came to a conclusion. The scene of the crime must have happened by our neighbors property. Probably a fox. Then later she was eaten in our field. Where we always see fox playing around in the early morning hours. (which is absolutely beautiful to hatred for the sneaky four legged animals) Then I found a cleanly licked chicken breast bone. Crime solved!

Wish the others in the flock would be bright enough to learn from Rosalie's mistake, but judging by the size of their heads I don't think they have a brain large enough for that kind of data.

In the meantime, we have a couple girls misbehaving! They seem to trail off from the rest of the flock and migrate towards our neighbors property. These two girls are hysterical. As I watch their fuzzy ass's walking away from my property and onto Randy's, they walk side by side like they are having a conversation. They look like two teenage girls shopping at the mall! I swear!
They have me so damn frustrated that I almost think I'm going to have them for dinner. They don't come home until all the others are nestled on their roosts and it's almost dark.

How do I ground a chicken??

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