Saturday, July 24, 2010

Never A Dull Moment

So it is never a dull moment around Crack N' Egg.

I was laying out by the pool, when all of a sudden my hens and rooster sounded the alarm. Total chaos was unfolding. I got up and see a HUGE Red Tailed Hawk sitting on top of my baby chicks run. It was my new mommy Silkie's first day out with her two chicks and they were about to meet their demise. Now, I'm running flat out Baywatch style in a bikini might I add towards the mosh pit. The rooster actually tried to fly up and attack the hawk, but the hawk just looked down at him like he was a little chihuahua snapping at his ankles. When I finally was closing in on them I was flapping my arms and clapping like that was really going to get the result I wanted, but I did yell "Get away form her you BITCH!" That was my Sigourney Weaver 'Aliens' moment. The hawk was not flying away and when I finally came to a halt about 4 ft away from her, I realized that she was literally 1/2 my size. It was honestly the largest Red Tailed Hawk I have EVER seen. She was larger then any Turkey Vulture I have encountered. Now I say 'she' because in bird species most females are larger then the males. So no discrimination meant by it :) Finally I started growling at it like I was from a speed metal band (some of you know what I'm talking about) and she finally flew away. The wing span on the hawk was unbelievable. I swear it felt like she left a jet wash behind her.

Now most everyone had managed to flee inside the coop. Some of my teenagers hid under the coop, which I don't know how they did it because it was only about 4 inches of space. But I guess when you feel like a succulent drumstick you can just about hide anywhere! The baby chicks were still in their run, but mommy had managed to get out. For a little bantam chicken, she was quite fierce with trying to protect her young. And I gave many kudos to Mr. Roo, because he showed how devoted he is to his girls.

We all came out of this unscathed. Thank god!! Although in the end I think it was my bikini clad body that scared her off. Could you imagine the 11 o'clock news....
"Readington Township women in a bikini dies from mistaken identity. A giant Red Tailed Hawk thought she was a plump chicken"...."News at 11!!!"

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