Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Now It's Shammy's Turn

Good morning!!!

And what a morning it is. Went to let our chickens out this morning and when I checked in on our mom's and babes, Shammy had a little surprise for me.
I noticed there was a perfectly split shell laying in front of her. Couldn't see any little peep so I decided to check under her. And this is what I saw.....

A tiny little pair of legs! How these fluff balls can breathe under their moms really baffles me. So I lifted her just a little more and.....

What a cutie!! So this is Shammy's first little peep. Congratulations to her. She may actually have some more coming. By the looks of it, there is one more egg that has pipped (meaning cracked through). So maybe I'll have another update today if all goes well.

Here is some more of that cuteness!

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